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Apr 10
Steve Marr

Home Fire Drills

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Fire departments respond to 1,750,000 fires each year in the United States. On average, 4,380 people are killed and another 17,000 are burned or injured.  Home fire threats must be taken seriously.

One step is to practice home fire drills. Hold a family meeting, discuss the reality, age appropriate, on how to respond to a fire alarm. Discuss when a smoke detector goes off, that the home must be evacuated immediately.  This is not the time to go looking for a favorite stuffed toy.

Decide where to meet outside the house to insure everyone knows, preferably in the front. Discuss how a window may be opened in the event of fire to escape. Have children practice opening a window and screen to escape. If you have a two story home, buy an escape ladder that hangs from a window and can be climbed down. Again, practice with the family using the ladder. Make sure all know where the escape ladder is stored.

During the family meeting practice, and explain you will hold unannounced fire drills, just like schools are required to do. Then follow through.

Have fun practicing, but never loose sight this is serious, as the number of deaths demonstrates every year. Want to be ready for emergencies, large and small? Take the free Ready Christen Training here: 

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