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Dec 21
Steve Marr

Have Fire Extinguishers Ready

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Every year more then 350,000 homes in the U.S. art hit by fire, and every day 7 people die from home fires. We may be captivated with news reports of a large wildfire engulfing homes, the more likely occurrence is a fire starts in a home.


Having fire extinguishers ready is one step that can stop some firers from getting out of control. Place them around your home where they can be seen.

Many home firers start in a kitchen. Having an extinguisher out of sight in a pantry or under the sink, but the better option is to mount on the wall, available but out of the way.  Also, if a grease fire starts,  a guest may be the closest one to help, they won’t need to search to find the extinguisher.

 Putting Out Kitchen Fires

The garage is another spot to keep an extinguisher at the ready, again, hang on the wall within easy reach to be available.

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Bedroom firers account for 25% of all home fire deaths, so keep an  extinguisher handy in your master bedroom. If you are awakened in the night, you can grab it and use as necessary.

Also, many fires start in a living, family or den in a home. We may not think of these parts of the home being at risk, but they are. Keep an extinguisher handy by these rooms.

A fire extinguisher can help put out a small fire, resist the temptation to become your own fireman. If you can’t put the fire out in a few seconds, evacuate the house. Also, insure everybody else gets out first. Small fires can quickly get out of hand and can generate smoke that will disorient and kill.

Check your extinguishers when you change out your smoke detector batteries, when we change move the clock forward, or backwards in adjusting foe daylight savings time. Make sure they stay charged.

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