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Jan 20
Mary Marr

Haiti's Wake-Up Call!

Posted by: Mary Marr

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89% of all volunteers at any one disaster, like the one we are responding to in Haiti on their second day of shaking, are faith-based. Most of the relief responders of those groups are Christians. And while, we are sending our human and material resources to Haiti to support the devastated country, there is a wake-up call for every Christian within each new picture we see and report that we hear of this tragedy.

We don't usually think of earthquakes happening here in AZ, but the fact is, emergencies happen everywhere and no one is exempt. What is not common is how we respond to them as Christians. We arrive early and stay late after all the media have gone home. We have the "heart" to stay.

The Bible tells us time and time again to "Be ready to give an answer for the Hope within us" and yet, over 75% of churches today do not have any emergency plan in place despite the fact that over 1200 crimes were committed against the church in 2009. Even today, Christians donate to relief agencies which prohibit the Gospel being shared openly and appropriately when there are so many Christian relief agencies or their own denominational disaster reponse teams who offer Christ along with water and medicine. Why do we do this after so  many wake-up calls?

I believe it is because many Christians are not yet ready. In some instances it may be out of fear, a fear without faith. In some instances out of complacency, and in some instances out of denial or even lack of knowledge. In Christ, we can be and must be ready.

What does it mean to be a ready Christian? It is more than the physical, emotional, or mental response we so often hear about. Readiness for the believer is also about spiritual readiness. Their own spiritual readiness and a readiness to share one's faith with those who are in pain and sorrow by praying for them, caring in tangible ways, then sensitively sharing the Hope of Christ. We simply are not ready if we are not multiplying as God said.

Multiply means bringing Hope to the hopeless, sight to the blind, and water to the thirsty. Giving an answer in word and deed is true Biblical readiness. Without this, we simply are not ready to face what life's challenges hold for ourselves and to Glorify Him.

You may know where your next meal is coming from, but if a tragedy were to befall you do you know you are truly READY?

Find out right now by taking the Readiness profile at  and while you are at it, join other Christians and churches who are getting ready! We are stronger together than we are separately.

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