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Hurricane SANDY 2012

Hurricane SANDY 2012
Sunday, 28 October 2012
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  • I'm part of SC Baptist Men's Disaster relief efforts. We were in NJ after Sandy for a week late last year. Some of our group went back in Jan.
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  • Greetings, you can contact me at 317-332-3838 I would like to learn more about your efforts and needs. Be Blessed
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  • Eric,
    Good to meet you. I'm Jim Morgan with Meet The Need and Chief Logistics Officer for CEN. Looking forward to working with you. We're still finalizing the plan for how Meet The Need's collaborative software systems will be leveraged to engage the Body to respond to disasters like Sandy - we're currently working closely with the staff of CEN on that effort. Hope you can be involved as well...
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  • Hello Everyone,
    This is Eric Cummings with Doug Dtringer @ Somebody Cares America/ International. I am the Ministry Outreach and Disaster Response Director. It looks like there has not been activity in the gropup for sometime. We are still working and networking with over 10 different sites in continued relief efforts. Is there anyone in this group currently active in the widely forgotten efforts
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Here at our @ReadyIndy chapter, we've prepared a customized SANDY version of our EOP... including a map to some key ministry partnering going on in the east. Remember, every emergency is good training for the next emergency.
Last replied by Neil Cox on Wednesday, 07 November 2012
Last replied by Mike Marshall on Monday, 05 November 2012
I am trying to make contact with the one and only church contact I personally know in NJ. Also I made a few contacts when in NY during movement day. I had imagined once connected with a local church and as needs arise that I or my team know about we could together use the Meet the Need software to help either the church or individuals post needs. It makes so much more sense to post it somewhere besides an email or a tweet that once it is filled or partially filled everyone knows and can move on to the next need. instead of having the email or tweet show back up at a later time just to confuse people. Just so thoughts
Last replied by Michael W. Boler on Tuesday, 30 October 2012
May God's strength and comfort be with all who are affected by Sandy over the coming days.
Last replied by Rev Robert A. Crutchfield on Tuesday, 30 October 2012