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Midwest Tornados 2012

Midwest Tornados 2012
Friday, 02 March 2012
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  • I had two great meetings today. One with the Gathering Place and Over Seas Council Business Division.
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  • KY Christian Appalachian Project are calling for prayer for the safety of their volunteers and for survivors who have lost loved ones. CAP is still on full activation, but planning to pull out on Sat.
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  • More tornadoes touched down this weekend in Nebraska:
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  • Another set of tornadoes recently touched in Michigan. You can read a report here:
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As tornadoes continue to sweep through the Midwest, we will continue to post updates regarding the ongoing response and new events as they happen.

Join this response group for more detailed information about the CEN Response!

Pray: CEN calls on Christians to go to CEN’s Midwest Tornado 2012 Response group online and begin to pray for survivors, for first responders, and for those who are ministering to all affected by this disaster.

Update your CEN profile: After you log in search for friends online who are in the devastated areas or surrounding areas and offer to assist. Insure your My CEN profile is current so that people who are seeking assistance may locate you.

Be aware: CEN urges you to check frequently for updated prayer prompts, how you can assist and share the Hope of Christ in this unfolding incident.

As a ReadyChristian, insure you are able to biblically respond to emergencies, like these whether large or small.

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Thursday March 8th I went to my first SINCOAD meeting. A little over whelming to see all the volunteer organizations and ministry's in full effect. A true exercise in communications and cooperation. For those who have been doing this for a while it is like a family reunion and for the newbies like me.. well you get the picture. I believe the SINCOAD has agreed to encompass all 5 counties. 1 day ago • Like • Comment
Last replied by Michael W. Boler on Monday, 12 March 2012
Friday March 9th I then prepared and picked up to warriors and went to Scottsburg, In Ponderosa for our Case Management Training done by Catholic Charities. The third warrior drove himself and met us there. Now CEN Indy has 4 trained case managers and will start our work this March 12
Last replied by Michael W. Boler on Monday, 12 March 2012