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Hurricane IRENE, Bahamas 2011

Hurricane IRENE, Bahamas 2011
Wednesday, 24 August 2011
Reports and Prayer Requests relating to the Hurricane.
Saturday, 27 August 2011 by Felicia Woodside

Irene Aftermath in the Bahamas...Kingdom Apostolic Ministries Intl.

After the Hurricane the male leaders of Kingdom Apostolic Ministries Intl. canvass the Grand Bahama island to access the damages.

They have reported that the Freeport area is intact; however, the West and East part of the island were flooded, and some damages were done to the homes. The power is still down in those areas and other parts of the Bahamas.

The Apostle of Kingdom Apostolic Ministries Intl., Dr. Kelafo Collie, says that church resumes on Sunday, August 27th, 2011. Apostle Dr. Kelafo Collie asks if all member of Kingdom Apostolic Ministries Intl. bring can goods, and items that can be helpful and useful for persons who suffer from Hurricane Irene!

Apostle also wants all members to prepare themselves to minister and be of assistance to persons throughout the community who may need our help!

If any church or persons will like to be volunteers during this time, please contact our facebook page:

We thank CEN once again for your prayers, support and assistance.

We give praise and honour and thanksgiving to our Lord Jesus christ for sparing especially Grand Bahama from damages to home and the entire Bahamas from the lost of any life. even though we have been spared this is a time for us as a people to take stock of our lives and make some decisions that we will live holy and righteous for God. Yes people this was just a warning especially to the people of The Bahamas and Grand Bahama. It could have been catastropic ,but God had mercy on us. Please let us amend our wicked ways and turn whole heartedly to the Lord. These are infact serious times in which we live for the lord is calling this nation to righteousness, and will judge unrighteousness. even as we set out to assess the damages incurred and to reach out to victims, let us be mindful of the most important thing right now , and that is the salvation of souls. Kirk Wright
Last replied by Jon McHatton on Sunday, 28 August 2011
Self-Care is an important next Step. Practical Self-care instructions for Survivors and for Emergency Responders during and after the CRISIS: 1. Be sure to EAT, even if you do not feel like it. Protein, fruits & vegetables and better than sugar & carbs. 2. Drink lots of WATER. 3. Exercise...WALK to help expel the chemical dump which occurs in a crisis. 4. Avoid/minimize alcohol & caffeine, thus allowing your body to return to a "state of balance". 5. TALK with a "safe" person. Share your feelings, experience, prayer needs, etc. Ask them to LISTEN, not to fix you. "Well doing, devoid of self-care, is, at best, doing well poorly." by Kirk Jones in "Rest in the Storm"
Last replied by Pat Hamman on Saturday, 27 August 2011
PRAYER UPDATE: HURRICANE IRENE - EYE REPLACEMENT Pray for Hurricane Irene to undergo eye replacement that will cause storm wreaking.
Last replied by Sandie Sangster on Wednesday, 24 August 2011