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June 2011 Fires in Arizona

June 2011 Fires in Arizona
Monday, 06 June 2011
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Ready Christians and Ready Churches praying, caring and sharing the love of Jesus regarding those affected by the Fires in Arizona.
Saturday, 18 June 2011 by Jon McHatton

(Posted June 17, 2011 at 1:45 p.m.) All residents in the area of the Monument Fire are encouraged to make advanced arrangements for livestock and large animals to be moved, which will allow an evacuation process to run more smoothly if necessary.

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office has resource information available to help move large animals. Anyone needing assistance is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 520-432-9500 and we will be able to give phone numbers for volunteers to help in this effort.

Anyone with special needs, such as mobility issues or medical problems, are asked to make pre-plans to include where they will go and what they need to take with them.

All residents are asked to be prepared with a “Go-Bag” which needs to include any medications, important papers, money, and enough personal items to sustain them for at least several days.

There is a brush fire now near Range 13 on Fort Huachuca (near the aerostat) on the east side travelling towards site Boston. No structures or people in danger. Fire crews are addressing this fire now. Fort Huachuca golf course is being evacuated for safety concerns.

The Cochise County Sheriff’s Office is asking the citizens to please be patient during this very trying time. Public Safety officials are doing everything possible to get people to safety in a timely and professional manner, so the cooperation of the public is critical. One male subject has been arrested and charged on eight felony counts for attempting to ram a marked patrol unit doing road closures.



Southwest Gas has turned off natural gas service to an additional 2,100 customers in Sierra Vista in response to a fire at the U.S. Air Force Aerostat site on Ft. Huachuca.  This affects all customers south of Buffalo Soldier Trail and west of Highway 92.

No additional shut offs on the east side of Highway 92 have occurred since yesterday.


Pre-Evacuation Areas

East of Highway 92: Ramsey Road north to Camino Principal and east to Campobello


Fire Location

Now coming down Miller Canyon closing in on Highway 92/ potentially crossing at that location



  • Ash Canyon, Hunter Canyon, Stump Canyon (both upper and lower), Turkey Track, will remain closed until further notice.
  • Highway 92 closed at Ramsey Road on the north and Palominas Road on the south. All traffic coming from Bisbee to Sierra Vista DO NOT USE Highway 92. All traffic going to Bisbee from Sierra Vista DO NOT USE Highway 92.
  • Ramsey Road is closed at Moson Road
  • Ramsey Road is closed at Hargis Ranch Road



As of 2:30 P.M. today (6-17) we have evacuations at the following:

  • West side of Highway 92 on Yaqui west to Calle Matate / north to Choctaw Drive / east to Highway 92

Assisting with the evacuations today are members of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office, Pima County Sheriff’s Office, Graham County Sheriff’s Office, and Pinal County Sheriff’s Office.



Are being accepted at the Fry Fire Station on Yaqui and the Red Cross Shelter/City of Sierra Vista at Apache Middle School in Sierra Vista.


Evacuation Centers

  • Apache Middle School opened by the City of Sierra Vista and the Red Cross 249-3297
  • Buena High School opened by the City of Sierra Vista and the Red Cross 520-318-6740
  • Bisbee High School will be open as an Evacuation Center this afternoon; phone number to come.

  • Cochise College in Douglas has offered the use of their Dorms in Douglas. Anyone interested is asked to call 520-255-4240 for further information.


Structure Damage/Loss

Stump Canyon Area, 7 houses lost / 4

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