Friday, June 05, 2020

Identifying the Gaps

As we build our Glendale chapter for Awareness - Readiness - Thereness, what would you consider to be our greatest 'gaps' in Glendale?  And, what are some ways to close those gaps?

Discussion started by Opal J. Evans , on 3712 days ago
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Jon McHatton
Two gaps come to mind. Generational and Cultural. The younger generation must be brought into CEN if we are going to effectively serve and have sustainability. The Culture of the Church also must change to a Culture of the Kingdom of God.
3712 days ago
Nancy S. Ganoe
As with all businesses across the valley the biggest gap that we will have is being notified in a timely manner of the disaster. The receiving of updates will not be so difficult since we will have the office at the EOC. The reason the notification will be more difficult is that someone will not always be at the EOC 24 hours per day.

I am working with a group the is researching possible solutions to this issue as it affects every business in the valley. The group is working with Scottsdale first and hopes to roll whatever the solution is out across the valley.
3712 days ago