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Tornados-Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa 2013
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Austin Disaster Relief Updates

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Dear Friends in Christ,

Our team wants to personally thank you/greater Austin churches for your support!  To date, ADRN's volunteers have given away $15,000 in gift cards in the field and reached out/prayed for/loved-on and debriefed over 200 families.  Our emotional care and Chaplain teams have been on the ground since Thursday and will most likely be on the ground caring for surviving families until next Sunday.  There are over 12,000 homes damaged or destroyed and 33,000 people displaced!  By far, the largest disaster ADRN has been deployed too.  ADRN's volunteer team, through the work of the Holy Spirit, has had an amazing impact on survivors (see incredible testimony at the bottom of the email) and has also been challenged going door to door through the midst of massive home destruction and mangled automobiles (some of the cars have had the paint sucked completely off).  Many streets no longer have street signs and streets are crowded with debris.


The good news is that ADRN has deployed over 120 volunteers from our network of churches, including HAM, Emotional Care and Administration teams.  An estimated 175 families have asked to be sponsored by the churches within the community with the expectation of this number rising to over 1,000+ families.  ADRN leadership continues to reach out to churches within the community to prepare them to sponsor every family that asks for help.  This next Wednesday (11:30AM), ADRN is partnering with one of the largest churches in Moore, First Baptist Church, to host the first of many meetings with community pastors to unite our efforts together with the ultimate purpose of sponsoring hundreds of families.  Please join us in prayer for a large number of church representation at the meeting and that every family in Moore, OK. is sponsored by His church and Jesus Christ be glorified!  We believe it will take 200+ churches to join the newly formed Oklahoma City Disaster Relief Network in order to sponsor all of the families that ask to be sponsored.




    1. FUNDS: To date, ADRN has raised $20,000 but given away $15k with the need of purchasing $5k more in gift cards Sunday morning (giving away $5k per day).  We need to raise minimally $35k to purchase additional gift cards to give away for our Monday-Sunday deployments.  Our goal is to reach to the majority of those affected by disaster, debrief them, provide emotional / spiritual care and ask them if they would like one of the Oklahoma City network of churches to sponsor them long-term to meet their emotional, spiritual and physical needs.  ADRN will also be raising additional funds to sow into affected families through the church that is sponsoring the family, to help them with the purchase of used vehicles, trailers and/or the rebuilding of their home (underinsured survivors). To make an online, tax-deductible donation, please click here or mail your check to: ADRN, PO BOX 3817, Cedar Park, Tx 78630.


    1. VOLUNTEERS:  ADRN is planning to be deploying volunteers through next Sunday, June 2nd.  We are specifically looking for CISM/Chaplain trained volunteers, HAM volunteers and volunteers who can help with logistics and administrative work.  ADRN needs minimally 40+ CISM/4 HAM/3-4 administrative/logistic volunteers per day.  To register for CISM/Chaplain deployment, click here - must be an ADRN trained volunteer.  To register for administrative/ logistic deployment, click here - must be an ADRN volunteer.  To register for HAM, click here (still come even if registration is full) - must be an ADRN volunteer.  If you are interested in helping with Moore clean-up, ADRN is directing all CERT and general volunteers to connect with one of our partnering churches, Journey Church (3801 Journey Pkwy., Norman, OK) to help with clean-up efforts.  The church is asking volunteers to show up between 9AM-6PM (Sunday, 1PM-5PM) with shift changes at 9AM and 1PM for at least the next 2-4 weeks.  We are recommending that you wear jeans/boots (protective shoes) due to loose debris and nails.  Deployment times are 8AM and 1PM every day other than Sunday (12PM).


  1. COMMUNICATION: Please help us spread the word about our fundraising efforts to your friends, family and fellow church members/pastoral team.  Funds will help us purchase much needed gift cards and purchase cars, trailers, building materials and more through the churches sponsoring families.  

Together, the greater Austin network of churches/Christians can help our neighbor state in their time of crisis.  God bless!



Daniel Geraci


ADRN, Director




One of our Emotional Care team leaders was approached by a crying man (John) who needed to share his amazing testimony.  John told our leader that when reports of the tornado went out, he jumped in his car and drove 90 miles an hour to save his daughter from the tornado heading towards the Elementary School.  He arrived just in time, pulled her out of school and ran across the street to a friend who had a storm cellar before the school was destroyed.  Fortunately, he, his daughter and the owning family was able to get inside the storm cellar before the F5 tornado ripped through and destroyed their neighborhood.  After the tornado passed by, John tried to push open the cellar door but a brick wall had fallen on the cellar door.  John was able to maneuver himself out, lift and move the brick wall 10 feet and pull the family out.  Afterwards, John heard additional screams for help from two other homes who's family members were trapped in their storm cellar.  Fortunately, they too were rescued by John.  After this rescue, John heard an older woman crying out for help, and it turned out to be an elderly woman sitting on a large pile of rubble.  It took John 5-7 minutes to climb to the top and slowly bring down the elderly woman (he does not know how she got on top of the rubble) and she tells him to look for her husband.  John begins to look for the husband and finds him partially buried in the rubble unconscious.  John climbs the rubble to reach him and he suddenly opens his eyes, reaches out and grabs John's hand and says "I love you!" and dies.  John, an unbeliever who had been beginning to search for God knew at that moment God was speaking to him of His love for him and leaving a message for his wife.  After John tells his amazing story of rescue to our team leader (sobbing through it), our team leader shares the good news with God and John gives his life over to Jesus under the ADRN tent.  John's countenance changes and the man begins to praise God!  Our leader encourages John to make a memorial at the location to remember the day and his surrender to Jesus. He agrees and wants to use it to tell others of his story!  Afterwards, a tall woman with tattoos on her arms walks up to the tent, seeing John in tears of joy and asks what is going on.  They tell her the story and she praises God and tells John "consider me your new sister in Christ" and hugs him.  Yeah God!!

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Misti McHatton

Dear Friends in Christ,

In our final report from the field, I want to share with you our praise reports, one God story out of numerous stories we received, and our final report from the field. We will try and post more God stories on our website as our CISM team emails us their experiences (look out for an email about these stories). May God touch your heart as He has with ours and the hundreds of volunteers deployed to Moore over the last 20 days!
•MOORE, OK DEPLOYMENT: I can confidently say that ADRN volunteers will not be the same after this deployment. I praise God for the heart of the ADRN volunteer team and how greater Austin churches rallied behind this deployment, encouraging their volunteers to go! Hundreds of ADRN volunteers sowed in over 4,000 hours during the 20 days of deployment. An estimated 3,000 individuals were debriefed, provided emotional/spiritual care, prayed for and given bibles (one per couple)! I believe close to 1,200 families asked to be sponsored by a local church in OKC and now are being handed off to the newly formed church network in OKC! I cannot put on paper the impact the trained body of Christ of greater Austin had on survivors, churches, ministries and local and state government agencies in OKC! Here are just a few from the field: Red Cross leadership told us they had not had a great history with ministries/agencies when it came to providing emotional/spiritual care to survivors after a disaster but were blown away by the amazing kindness, love, care, support ADRN CISM/Chaplain trained volunteers showered upon the survivors of Moore. They loved us!! They were also blown away that the volunteers were not from one church but representing many churches from the greater Austin area! Red Cross leadership continued to seek ADRN's Chaplains for the tougher cases. The Mormon Helping Hands ministry also gave praise reports to our leadership team from the view of their ministry table located directly behind our tables at the Red Cross Resource Center. They said they noticed how much people's countenances changed for the better when they left our tables after being debriefed/provided emotional/spiritual care! (for His glory!) Catholic Charities told our leadership team how much they were inspired by watching our team pray every morning and for the survivors! (for His glory!) State Agency employees were also blessed by the organization and brought us some of the toughest clients that needed urgent and special attention (for His glory!). The Principle of West Moore High School (a devote Christian man), the place where the Red Cross Resource Center was located within, came in on his day off to specifically tell Stephen how he saw Christ in Stephen and the ADRN team, prayed over Stephen and said "the revial you have been praying for is here and now!!" He asked if his church was part of the network! Many local churches and their leaders tied to the newly formed network told Stephen how incredibly blessed they were by ADRN leadership guiding them/helping them form this network in Oklahoma and how significant it was for them to unite together! We found out that key church leadership in the city had a meeting on the day of the tornado to work on a plan to unite the church within the city. Yeah God! See an article about ADRN in the Oklahoman Newspaper, click here. There are a few minor errors in the story we are having them fix. May Jesus Christ continued to be glorified through His church throughout OKC!!
•GOD STORY: On Sunday, June 9th, our last day at the Red Cross Resource Center, a man, his pregnant wife and 3 children (with one due in July) came in very dejected, told our team that he lost all faith and hope in people and everything in general. He had not found help up to this point. He was still living in a severely damaged home that had turned into a cesspool filled with flies. The entire family was living there in these conditions (very traumatized) waiting on their landlord to fix the severely damaged home even though FEMA said the house was not livable (no ac/terrible smell/probably no electricity). Praise to our Lord Jesus, he and his family left glowing, beaming with God's grace and mercy shining upon them as the ADRN CISM team debriefed, provided emotional/spiritual care, prayed with them and most importantly placed them in a hotel and is now working on finding them an apartment! A church within the newly formed network has also sponsored this family!! The man left weeping and his pregnant wife tearful with great excitement, thankful and incredibly grateful! He left saying "you guys have restored my hope and faith in people and God!" Yesterday, I received a thank you card from a Moore survivor saying "To Austin Churches - Thank you so much for putting a little sunshine in the lives and hearts of the Moore residents when all there dark clouds."
•OKC PASTORS/DISASTER RELIEF SHEPHERD TRAINING IN OKC: Stephen Brewer and Anne Brennan will be teaching TONIGHT at First Baptist Church in Moore, the Disaster Relief Shepherd class to hundreds of volunteers from OKC. We have almost 200 signed up but are expecting minimally 300-400+ in attendance. In Waco, we had 30 signed up and 200 show up. This training will give the basics of walking with families in times of crisis to their volunteers. Please join us in prayer for many new churches to show up tonight, join the network and that ALL 1,100+ families are sponsored after tonight's training!! We have already given away nearly 100 of the immediate/urgent families to a handful of churches in the community. Also, the latest report I received from OKC leadership in regards to the number of churches working together/joining the network to sponsor families is between 55-70 churches and growing!! We are expecting this number to reach to 100+!! Yeah God!
•FUNDING NEEDS: ADRN gave away $99,500 in gift cards to the desperate families in Moore, OK. over the last 20 days. We ran out of cards on June 4th but fortunately, within a hour of running out, Life Church in OKC had a connection with a nationwide radio station that raised $140k worth of gift cards and was able to give ADRN $47k in additional gift cards to funnel through our volunteers at the Red Cross Resource Center. Yeah God! To date, ADRN has raised an estimated $35k for Moore, OK but gave away $52,500 in gift cards in faith. Please prayerfully consider making a donation to help us replenish the $17,500 shortfall in the Moore Fund by clicking here.
•CISM+ Training is HERE on June 21st & 22nd!!! I want to strongly encourage every Christian in the greater Austin area to take this training. We know from much field experience that Christian "zeal" is not enough to help those in need in times of disaster. Typically Christians are called the 2nd disaster in times of disaster because we have the right heart but say the wrong things because of the lack of training. Every Christian needs the basics of Emotional/Spiritual Care training which they can receive through our CISM training. CISM or Critical Incident Stess Management training is by far our most popular training and useful for everyday life, the mission field, ministering to the needy and disasters. It will teach you what to say, what not to say, how to truly listen to survivors/those in crisis and help pull them out of their trauma. We will also give everyone ample time to practice the new skills and at the end of the class, put you through a very realistic 2hr simulation to test the new skills!! Training costs is $95 and scholarship pricing is available for full-time students and those economically challenged. For special pricing, email Sharon at To register, click here and then click on our training calendar. Also, click here to watch a quick CISM video.
Join with me in prayer for the uniting of His Church in OKC, to see every family in need sponsored, to the glory of His name and for our deployed volunteers to be refreshed, restored and have blessed family time! God bless.

Daniel Geraci
Executive Director
Austin Disaster Relief Network
2491 days ago
Misti McHatton

Dear Friends in Christ,

We're still in Moore, OK and the Lord is doing incredible things in our midst! Below are a few recent updates from the field:
•Red Cross Multi Agency Resource Center (West Moore High): God has given His Church in Greater Austin incredible favor within this main assistance center, as we've sought to serve and honor those in leadership (Red Cross) and all who are present. There is so much ministry, prayer, favor, honor and gratitude present, it's ridiculous! This week, the ADRN CISM/Chaplain and our administrators have been very busy meeting the emotional /spiritual /physical needs of those affected by disaster as hundreds of families poured into the Red Cross Multi Agency Resource Center. At times, our CISM/Chaplain team had 40 people waiting in line to receive emotional care, debriefing, prayer and gift cards. Over $60,000 in gift cards have been given to date. 2,000+ people have been debriefed/given emotional care and prayed for as we invited Jesus into their situation! Lives in Moore, OK are being significantly impacted by the resurrection life of Jesus Christ through His Church in Greater Austin!
•Families In Need: There are somewhere close to 1,000 families who have asked ADRN to be sponsored by a local church in the community. Two times the number we had in Bastrop. What an incredible opportunity for the Church of OKC! CISM/Chaplain volunteers are still greatly needed in Moore, Ok until Monday morning. To register for the admin/ambassador role, click here. To sign up for the CISM/Chaplain role, click here.
•OKC Pastors Meetings: 3 Pastors Meetings have brought together over 55+ churches and several ministries to sponsor & meet the needs of these families long term. A network is being formed, families are already being sponsored, and we will host a Shepherd Training this Tuesday where we expect hundreds of people to attend! The majority of all churches we have connected with want to join the newly formed Oklahoma City Disaster Relief Network (not the official name yet).
•FUNDING NEEDS: ADRN has given away more in gift cards than we have received in donations for the Moore Tornado disaster ($20,000 short). The needs are so great in this community. Please help us raise the needed funds by clicking here to make a donation.
•CISM Training is HERE!!! CISM training is by far one of our most popular and effective trainings we offer to get you ready for disaster deployment. To date, we have deployed over 600 CISM trained volunteers to West, Tx and Moore, OK to debrief traumatized individuals and provide emotional/spiritual care. I want to encourage you to get CISM trained and be prepared!! Our current CISM class is filling up quickly. Training costs is $95 (scholarship pricing is available by emailing Sharon at To register, click here and then click on our training calendar.
Join with me in prayer for the uniting of His Church in OKC see every family in need sponsored, to the glory of His name! May Jesus be exalted through His Austin, in OKC and beyond!

Stephen Brewer
Associate Director
Austin Disaster Relief Network

P.S. We were able to connect 3 churches in San Antonio with Red Cross about sponsoring the 4 families in need from recent flooding. Thank you!
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