Wednesday, April 08, 2020
Tornados-Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa 2013
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Email Template: Things a ReadyChurch can do outside of the Incident

ReadyChurch Administrators,

Some of you have requested some information on ways ReadyAnthem can help with the OK Tornado Incident.  Here is some information for you and your ICS Team.  Please send this to the appropriate ReadyChurch IC Officers. 



  • Establish your ReadyChurch Incident Management Team

  • Start working on your ReadyChurch Emergency Response Plan (EOP)


  • Pray

    • Activate your ReadyCity Prayer Officers

    • They should research to find accurate information and put out prayer points

  • Care

  • Share

    • Ask yourself these questions... What is the Biblical view? Where is God in this? 

    • Be prepared to give an answer of the Hope for your family, friends and those in your sphere of influence. 

    • Tell Others about becoming a ReadyChurch.  

    • Contact a Church Advisor Mike Marshall at 480-626-1218

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