Sunday, July 12, 2020
Tornados-Kansas, Oklahoma and Iowa 2013
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Victim Relief Ministries (VRM) Updates

I've created a new FB album to cover VRM response to the Moore/Oklahoma tornadoes. VRM Mississippi is organizing a state wide drive from horse community to help in Oklahoma. I have just finished phone call with Somebody Cares/Compassion Response Network and staging areas are being set, feeding units are inbound, donation centers and warehouses are being set up, a vast range of things are underway. Chaplain Waverly Parsons is serving as my right hand on the horse community response mission and we are working on many connections. We need people to continue to stay prayed up and mission ready as we continue to work through our partners on this initial assessment- again the marathon is important not the sprint. CEN will be pushing out national prayer requests and also helping identify resources and connections----stay tuned and continue to pray for protection from the incoming storms.
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