Sunday, July 12, 2020
Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion - 2013
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VRM Update

CEN Incident Commander Ed Smith moved the VRM Chaplaincy Command Center (see photo sent) to West City Hall/West PD to give physical, emotional, and spiritual support to West PD and DPS troopers. Ed is having an outreach to media as well as local residents and business people.

West had their Memorial yesterday in Waco, where most of the city was present. The media attention is scaling down as well as response organizations. The Joint Assistance Center (JAC) with VOAD partners will close by Sunday. The world is leaving West, TX as their real emotional and spiritual needs are emerging to shift to long term recovery. The residents are bracing for re-entry into areas where they lived which were destroyed by the plant explosion. VRM reports the need for prayer as they approach this critical time of chaplaincy!

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