Saturday, July 11, 2020
Boston Explosions - April 2013
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Praying for Boston

Our hearts continue to hurt when we see and hear the news coming out of Boston.  We expand the pain to the nation and the world learning that our world is on heightened alert due to the tragic explosions yesterday.  So many lives dramatically changed due to the evil that surrounds us.

We will not loose hope!  Jesus Christ brings comfort through the power of the Holy Spirit-we will not be moved to fear or despair.  We will continue to keep our eyes on Him.  Right now, let us pray as we are led. 

Most glorious and precious Heavenly Father, we look to you to provide comfort to those who are in pain, either from the loss of a loved one, or life altering disability due to the explosion.  

We bow before You, and plead with You to "rescue the perishing, care for the dying",  who are merciful and mighty, Your ways are not our ways, and we know this full well.  We will deliberately honor You through our adversity as we draw on You for comfort.

We are a people who know there is one true God who hears the cry of our heart, loves us deeply.  We live because knowing Your love reaches beyond the sorrow and pain.

We "do not fear or have any anxiety about anything, but in every circumstance and in everything, by prayer and petitions with thanksgiving, we continue to make our want know to You.  Your peace which transcends all understanding shall garrison and mount guard over our hears and minds in Christ Jesus."  Philippians 4:6&7 Amen

Discussion started by Sandie Sangster , on 2642 days ago
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Sandie Sangster
Heavenly Father, our hope is in You. We turn to You for wisdom in times of confusion and fear. We choose to live as people who desire to share the hope of Jesus Christ at all times and in all circumstances. We stand together as ReadyChristians knowing that You and You alone will bring hope and comfort. Amen
2631 days ago
Mary Marr
What makes this so moving is to hear from our DHS FB Committee Chairwoman who directs security for the Boston hospitals over the number of hurting families, those with lost limbs, in devastation that came on them in an instant. As they ask Where is God in this, I lean upon you Lord to bring these precious survivors comfort, we lean on you to speak to their hearts and lift their souls in the midst of such tragedy and loss. And, we pray, everyone who allows themselves to look upon this pain will find the resurrection of Jesus!
2642 days ago