Sunday, July 12, 2020

Does your church have a Plan for incidents, attacks, other emergencies or disruptions?

The Bible tells us that a Good Shepherd cares for and protects their sheep and it would seem a pastor is that Good Shepherd and should be Good Steward of what God provides and guides to them and the church to serve and meet the needs of.

Without a Plan to handle a medical emergency, fire, disruption, weather event, attack or other emergency, needs may not be met and the church and its members suffer.

Once you have a written and approved Plan then you need Teams to implement and put the Plan into practice, in order to be prepared for the event which will come.  This requires screening of volunteers, which may come from the church staff and it's members, a paid private security service or the hiring of Off duty Officers to serve.

Does your church have a Plan?  Do they have Teams?  Have they practiced the Plan?

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