Sunday, July 12, 2020

How should the church respond?

How should the church respond to Hurricane Sandy

Discussion started by Mike Marshall , on 2806 days ago
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Neil Cox
Here at our @ReadyIndy chapter, we've prepared a customized SANDY version of our EOP... including a map to some key ministry partnering going on in the east.

Remember, every emergency is good training for the next emergency.
2804 days ago
Neil Cox
Mike, I totally agree. Moreover, I believe we have just such a course here in Indy, at -- I'll try to connect you (via FB) with Hosea Baxter, professor.
2804 days ago
Mike Marshall
I just ready this article:

Jamie Aten is correct in that churches need to connect with their VOAD, however most churches do not know much about disaster response and therefore churches are less likely to participate. This is one of the reasons why CEN is training Churches during this incident in order to show leaders how to organized into groups like VOAD, Local Law Enforcement and Fire. There is great gap between the government response and the church response. The needs surrounding Hurricane Sandy are many and the Church is needed right now, but the government wants Churches trained before responding.

It would be a dream of mine to see Christian colleges and institutions teaching the future pastors and outreach leaders in practical and biblical response to emergencies. The course would align church outreach/evangelism with local and national emergency response. Church outreach and public system disaster response are almost one and the same but most Churches don't know it.

2806 days ago