Sunday, July 12, 2020

Integrating Meet the Need Logistics partner

We need to pray how we may best integrate Meet the Need partner into this response. What is challenging is those who are in the zip codes with needs are in harms way, those outside may be too far away or unable to get to the one in need. Thoughts?

Discussion started by Mary Marr , on 2812 days ago
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Michael W. Boler
I am trying to make contact with the one and only church contact I personally know in NJ. Also I made a few contacts when in NY during movement day. I had imagined once connected with a local church and as needs arise that I or my team know about we could together use the Meet the Need software to help either the church or individuals post needs. It makes so much more sense to post it somewhere besides an email or a tweet that once it is filled or partially filled everyone knows and can move on to the next need. instead of having the email or tweet show back up at a later time just to confuse people. Just so thoughts
2811 days ago