Friday, June 05, 2020
Midwest Storms - November 2013
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Situation Update - 11/30/13 - 4:39 PM EST

Saturday, 30 November 2013

On Friday, CEN National Logistics Officer, Sherry, attended a conference call hosted by IL VOAD. They have been meeting weekly, dividing up into calls and individual groups having further, more function specific, calls daily, i.e. spiritual care call. 

One example that was given included a woman who lost everything, including a silver brick her father had given her. She was, miraculously, able to find it on Thanksgiving. Because of the trauma, she is having difficulty with the whole scenario, but is at least talking. Her husband, however, who has lived in that home for 35 years cannot speak about it. It appears the people affected are not given time to deal with emotional trauma. 

The churches are working well together. On Monday all the churches were meeting to discuss meeting needs without duplicating efforts. Some of the larger churches have agreed to work with IL VOAD. They are now trying to coordinate through Bethany Community. Currently there are 250 work requests and crisis clean up is being run through VOAD.

Churches are managing donations through the Rotary Club. Cannot do spontaneous set up of ReadyChurch, but when all national organizations leave they will see the benefits of standing up a ReadyChurch. They do not see the importance because they have not been through it, until they experience first hand. Currently there is no way for Sherry to bring up even crisis clean up and IL VOAD has gone back to Bethany Community who has now bought in on VOAD. ReadyChurch needs to be set up on the front end, Sherry will provide all pics on FB for IL and grab pics for CEN to make case for why you cannot do this when the crisis occurs. Sherry will provide tips on how to engage the next incident better on the front end, including ways to approach this in future. Sherry recommends we be there with her during one incident to help the churches before they get to the VOAD stage. 

Lutheran Church, affected themselves but going on with services and still supplying others, we are staying at St Marks Lutheran Church. 

Spiritual care teams, need to stay on these calls.

Clean up is having difficulty getting home-owners approval to move forward.

1. What is the biggest need and how can we help? Volunteer Reception center is at Americorps St. Louis. Volunteers need to go through VRC to clean up etc., we are calling them for volunteers or they call us every day

2. Michael Boler set up virtual volunteer, but not too disappointed they are not going through him, they are just coming up because if you are VRC you cannot handle the other hundreds of volunteers so not used the virtual, would like to try sometime but this time all VRC but working well doing paperwork and drop off, biggest need is volunteers but need to go through VRC only, not Sherry

3. Recovery will start soon, but debris has not been removed

4. Long term need for volunteers to help for two years

5. Lots of people had insurance so they are over loaded but FEMA and insurance should start the recovery soon, and have a recovery group started now