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Aug 21
Steve Marr

Grill As Backup Cooking

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When the power goes out, many will loose the ability to cook, many have electric ovens, even if they have a gas cook top.  A barbecue grill can help get you through a power outage, besides, if your refrigerator and freezer go out, might as well cook up your meat.

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If you use propane, keep two extra canisters available. In normal cooking, if you only have one canister, the gas has a way of going out half way through a meal.  When you have several full canisters you will have fuel for a few days of cooking.

A second option is to use charcoal briquettes as a back up. These are cheep to buy and easy to store. If you plan on keeping for a long time you can seal up in an old trashcan to keep out any moisture. An inexpensive grill, and a few dollars invested in charcoal may be the right ticket to cooking for a while.

A word of caution, even if cold never cook in your garage, the fumes can accumulate and you could create a health, or fire damage. Even in cold weather, just cook outside.

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