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Dec 16
Steve Marr

Getting Your Car Ready For Winter

Posted by: Steve Marr

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As winter sets in across America snow, ice and short days create an additional risk to motorists.  While we can’t control the weather we can, and should take steps to place a few items in our car to be prepared to help ourselves, or others.


 First make sure your 72 hour emergency kit is up to date, if you don’t have one, buy or put one together now. Being stranded for a day is more likely in winter. Many years ago I spent a night at a rest stop during a snowstorm. I, like most folks had little or no supplies to get by. Include a simple first id kit in your 72-hour kit. If you travel with kids, you know a few snacks will go a long way.


Here is a list of additional items especially helpful in winter:

  • Jumper cable- to start your dead battery, or help another driver
  •  “Fix a flat”, or another emergency tire repair product
  • Tow rope, if you get stuck the rope can be used by another vehicle to pull you out of a snow bank
  •  Place an old warm coat with gloves in your car to insure you have warm clothing available
  •   An extra pair of boots, this is a good place to keep those almost warn out boots
  •  Keep your gas half full or more, this keeps your engine running (and providing heat) when traffic is tied up
  • Extra blankets, preferable wool that keeps you warm even when wet
  • Extra flashlights, you never have enough when stranded


Think through any additional items to place in your trunk. Then you will travel safer and be ready to help others during an emergency.


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