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Dec 11
Jon McHatton

Fulfilling Your Purpose

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Welcome to my blog, a series of inspirational thoughts that will be available every Monday.  These are pithy comments to encourage and strengthen you to be a better person and chapter leader.  You can keep it to yourself or share it with your friends and associates. 


The first series:  How does CEN help fulfill your purpose.


Webster defines purpose as, “something set up as an object or end to be attained:”


The second definition is, “a subject under discussion or an action in course of execution.”


As we define our own personal purpose in life we can help shape our identity to conform to our desired goals.  I have broken this process down into four steps.  They are a progression of:




Which step are you in right now in your purpose?  Are you intentioned, resolute, or determined? 


Let’s think about a few things…


1.       How often do you think about what you want to accomplish in your life?

                Daily _____   Weekly _____ Monthly _____ Seldom _____ Never _____


2.       Do you feel biblically prepared or see yourself as incapable?

                Somewhat prepared _____ Prepared _____ Not even close _____


3.       What are your parameters for success?

                Win at all cost ____ Win if no one gets hurt ____ Winning is not important ____


4.       How are you preparing to fulfill your purpose?

                Circle of Friends ____ Christian Education ____ Personal Development ____


Your purpose must be your focus in having biblical readiness, being a ready Christian or establishing a chapter.  Jesus said that if you intend to build then you must first sit down. (Luke 14:28)  So this is what I ask you to do.  First, focus on your purpose for being a part of the CEN family.  Second, sit down and answer the above questions.  Third, please chime in and share your answers with us.  I will compile the results and post it in next week’s blog along with some tips how to develop biblical intention.  Blessings!


Together in the Harvest,



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