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Nov 19
Steve Marr

Frozen Pipes

Posted by: Steve Marr

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As the second Polar Vortex strikes large parts of the nation this season, pipes can, and will freeze. Every year 50 million homes will experience frozen pipes. A broken pipe can create a major flood in your house, creating an emergency situation for you, and your family.


If your water stops flowing, and you suspect a pipe is frozen consider taking a few steps to work through they problem.


First, open all faucets in the affected area, this can reduce the pressure in your pipes, and provide an outlet when the pipe thaws.


Next, if you are able to locate the affected pipes use a hair dryer to provide heat to thaw out the pipes.  If you start getting water out of the tap keep applying the heat until you restore a full flow of water.


If the pipe breaks, immediately use the water shut off for your home.  A few hundred gallons of water can be released in just a few moments. Unless you know where the shut off is for the affected area, shut down the water for the house, and then think through if you have a shut off  valve for the broken pipe area.


Also, if you have water leaking be sure to turn off the electricity in the area to avoid a short circuit or possible electrocution.


Then, unless you are skilled at plumbing call a plumber to fix the pipes, and clean up as much water as possible to avoid mold or mildew from forming.  In many instances you may need to call a water restoration expert to remove the water you can’t reach, like inside your walls. Most homeowner’s insurance policies cover this type of damage and water removal, check with your insurance agent for guidance.


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