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Dec 19
Mary Marr

Four Safety Tips at Christmas

Posted by: Mary Marr


1. Plan Your Holiday Package Deliveries

During the holidays, it is common for packages to be delivered and left on your doorstep when you are not home. Unfortunately, this often invites an opportunity for crime. Plan ahead for your deliveries by making sure someone will be home, or that a neighbor can watch out for the delivery and hold the package for you until you come home. Some neighbors might even be willing to accept the delivery for you – it never hurts to ask.

2. Safety Reminder

Be wary of solicitors and those who would impersonate utility and other business employees. NEVER open your door for a stranger who arrives at your home unscheduled.

3. Report Suspicious Activity

Local Police and Sheriff departments remind everyone to keep their cars locked when parked in the driveway or on the street. Use the phone numbers for reporting activity found in your local city web page.

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