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Mar 03
Steve Marr

Food For Emergency Use

Posted by: Steve Marr

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Readers of CEN blog know we recommend everyone have an emergency kit stocked with supplies for between 3 and 14 days. Most of us like to build, or buy a kit, and then just forget the thing, until needed.

In our personal bags we keep an inventory of contents and refresh regularly as needed. One problem is food bars. We keep our bags in the car and in Phoenix the tempers get pretty hot in the summer. Even in cooler climates, car temperatures can get peaty hot resulting in shorter shelf life for stored food. 

During an emergency you don’t want to discover your emergency food is useless.

A product out, the New Millennium food bar is designed to withstand very high, and cold temperatures without going bad. These are worth considering for an emergency kit.


They come in nine flavors, each with a good taste. If you decide to order, buy some extras to keep in your pantry. Should you have a longer term emergency like the folks in the path of a major storm, or earthquake, you will have extra to hand out to others. Google New Millennium food bar to find the best deals.

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