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Jan 13
Steve Marr

Flu Emergency Highlights Need For Proactive Action

Posted by: Steve Marr

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The widespread flue epidemic has resulted in New York Governor Andrew Cuomo declaring a public health emergency as some hospitals became so overcrowded some turned the sick away while others expanded capacity by using emergency tents. Newscasts often lead with the latest outbreak news.


Every year flu strikes the country. Some years are more severe then others. Doctors and clinics get a rush of people, hospitals become strained with the youngest and oldest people at higher risk of death. Every year the pattern is the same, except some years become a bit more severe then others.

While picking up something at my local drugstore Friday evening two young adults walked in asking for a flu shot. The shots were all gone. Dismayed, they departed. Across much of the country flu shots are now in short supply.

I understand some people decide against getting a shot and I respect this point of view. For others, the time to get a flu shot is when shots are available, not after the panic sets in. In the fall, how many times do we walk past flu shot opportunities, in drug stores, Walmart, grocery stores or a doctors office? In September through November many people just walked by the tables. Now they drive all over town, or go without.

This is universal, most people will not take steps to be prepared until the news hits, then panic sets in.

The time to get a flu shot, if you want one, is when the getting is good. The time to make reasonable emergency preparations is when we have time and when supplies are plentiful.  

You likely have seen pictures of empty shelves as a hurricane comes ashore, everything of use has been sold out. However, a few days earlier a weeks worth of supplies could have been obtained easily at a reasonable cost. The time to stock up on useful items is when they are on sale, not when the storm is coming ashore.      


Just with flu shots, many people will fail to take action. You can, by starting with the free Ready Christian Training offered here: .


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