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Jan 23
Sandie Sangster

Flagstaff Arizona Disaster ALERT!

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Flagstaff? But, we don’t get any crisis here….before  we were crippled by a snow storm experienced maybe once in thirty years! Yet as bad as the situation is here, as a Christian I have learned one more time about the meaning of biblical readiness. Readiness to face emergencies large and small that may affect me or those around me. Emergencies like we hear every day that affect us personally or as a nation like Haiti spiritually, emotionally, mentally, or physically. We do have a remarkable ability to “put off” what we know we should do to prepare for the “big one.” Well, the big one hit Flagstaff this week and being born and raised here a storm of this magnitude is not new to me, but I found myself thinking again, are we more aware of the need to be prepared for the world we live in today?
I have learned first-hand the importance of not only being physically prepared, or knowledgeable about situations that may pose a risk for me and my family, but more importantly the importance of being spiritually prepared. Prepared to pray for, care for and share Christ with those facing crisis of many kinds.  My husband Paul and I started to evaluate our personal preparedness after 911. So tonight as we are unable to get out of our home and the possibility of being without power, radio, or other things we take for granted, we sit here thankful that God helped us and challenged us to be Ready Christians. When all the snow lets up there will be many who will be overwhelmed and asking “Where is God in this?” and we will be able to not only give an answer but also a helping hand. Why? Because we survived to be on His rescue team. Someone helped us in our point of need, and now we can help others.
Paul and I were led to become CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) members so today we were able to help assist the Emergency Operations Center here in Flagstaff. You may not be called to do this, but you are called to some role in helping others in emergencies.
Because of Christ we are ready to help our community, our neighbors, public servants, our church, and our family and friends. We know the effects of the crisis here will not be over in a few days.  But as we come together as the body of believers in Flagstaff and stand together, we will see God’s Light warm up a cold and dire situation.
Over the next weeks I hope you will share your stories on how you were prepared in your community, how you shared the Hope of Christ to the hopeless as I share with you the open doors God give me in Flagstaff. Let us come together as Jesus taught for such a time as this and let His Light shine for the city, state and nation to come to know and follow Him.
How do you know if you are biblically ready to face something like we are tonight? I invite you to visit <> and take the Readiness profile. Then, pray about joining me on my journey of personal readiness by starting the Ready Christian track and discover the role God has for you in His service. Tragedies are often God’s open doors to transformation, yours and others.  


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