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Oct 11
Mary Marr

Fire! Fire! Fire!

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This is National Fire Preparedness Month and it is fitting for me to honor and reflect upon the preparedness tips my uncle who was a Captain in the Detroit Fire Department taught to me.


Actually, Uncle John died a natural death last week, after saving many lives during his 87 years on this earth. He not only took fire safety seriously himself going into dangerous situations as a part of his daily job but he guided our family in fire safety. And he would add his own unique humor to what he was teaching to us to make it fun. From my view as a child, I thought all fireman were that much fun!


And, since he saw so many children die in fires, he was quite naturally not enthusiastic about all of my cousins using sparklers during our family reunions on the 4th of July. So, he told us in advance (to heighten our expectation) we could use them IF he purchased the ones he knew were safe. Then, he would only allow one child at a time to have one sparkler burning and made sure we were on the grass well away from the house and well away from each other. I will never forget his very firm but kind order to stay well away from each other and not run around with the sparkler in hand.  Actually his guidance brought more fun to our family as we dutifully carried out his directions. And I will never forget the memory of just knowing that he was minding our safety.


Just before he died this past week, my aunt lovingly reminded him how proud she was of him - not only for all the lives he saved, but also how he spared injury in the first place through prevention education. And, he did this all while having fun usually at his own expense. How many lives were touched, we will never know. I do know this, I have a deep respect for every fireman who makes the choice to put their lives in harms way for each of us every day, and for their ways of not drenching or watering down our fun at the same time.


My uncle helped to lay the groundwork of fire safety in my life and as ReadyChristian, I want his legacy to live on eternally.  

Are you ready? Do you have some tips to share on fire safety? Do you have a story of how a fireman or woman helped you or your family to stay safe or be safely removed from a fire in your home or workplace? 


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