Monday, September 28, 2020


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In an article released in early December, Atlanta Secret Service Field Officers provide some tips to stay financially safe during the holidays.

With the Christmas season, we see an increase in both purchases and criminal activity. The article states “cashiers can be distracted by long lines while consumers may be unmindful of their transactions when juggling purchases. These common errors open the door for both unauthorized credit card transactions and passing & receiving counterfeit currency.

The article makes the following recommendations for financial safety:

  • Be wary of criminals attempting to steal or use stolen credit cards, credit card numbers or store gift cards.
  • Actively compare credit card signatures with photo IDs.
  • Visually inspect currency before walking away from store registers or bank tellers.
  • Scrutinize card transactions and statements to ensure cards have not been compromised.


They also provided the following links for more information:


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