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Sep 08

Feds to Restrict Volunteers at Disasters

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Learn of restrictions ahead for volunteers in disaster zones.

Prepare your family, church, ministry or civic group to get credentialed or experienced with local response efforts in order to be given access quickly to disaster sites.   Save a lot of time and hassle by learning now how your local area response groups function and what you and your group need to do now to prepare.

Be sure you connect with your local CERT (Citizens Emergency Response Teams) group; they'll educate you on how the government will function and how you and others can be involved.   CEN encourages  you and groups to go through the protocol so that you'll  be credentialed to "Be  There" in times of disaster.   Christians on site helping tangibly AND spiritually is a privilege.   Access the CERT groups by clicking on the CERT link on the CEN homepage.

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