Wednesday, February 26, 2020


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In situations where communication is critical, there is a new form of communication being used in unexpected ways. With the recent earthquake in Haiti, we have seen that with the help of social media sites, people are still able to get in touch with their loved ones, and the process of search, rescue and re-building can begin.

Twitter, is the primary method being used to communicate. In doing a cursory search, there were pages of updates, offers from businesses to fly nurses and doctors to Haiti for free, matching donation requests, initiatives by schools and individuals, as well as updates from people on the ground in Haiti. About 30 seconds after my initial search, there were over 1700 new “tweets” regarding Haiti. News articles have also reported that in the initial hours after the quake, Skype was used for person to person communication to relay details.

This is a good example of how social media has gone beyond just a way to “stay in touch with friends.” Is this the method for emergency communication of the future?

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