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Mar 08
Douglas Bush

Emergency Preparedness … Ready or Not?

Posted by: Douglas Bush

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As 2011 unfolds, we are reminded that foul weather warnings/watches will soon be upon us.  So Ready or Not, it is coming.

If your family is prepared, I suggest that you double check your emergency supplies.  Check for expiry dates on medicines, food supplies, etc.  Make sure your flashlights and portable radios are operational.  I remind you to make sure your child’s school has up to date emergency contact information; remind your child of alternative arrangements that you have made in case an emergency prevents you from being at home.  This won’t take long.

For those of you who are not prepared, the time is Now.  Agree? Preparation starts at home.

 Create an emergency plan for the family (including pets), practice your plan, protect your records, etc. How we prepare and plan for emergencies will dictate how your family will survive, recover and help others.   


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