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Jan 09
Steve Marr

Emergency Food In A Bucket

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At times I like to review products readers may find useful during an emergency. One new product is a Mountain House 29 Serving Classic "Bug Out" Bucket available from the freeze Dried Guy. This is a handy, easy way to buy emergency food you can store, and forget.

Product Image

 The contents of the bucket are:

- Beef Stroganoff (5 servings)                                                                                                                     - Chicken Teriyaki (5 Servings)                                                                                                   - Lasagna with Meat (5 Servings)
- Noodles & Chicken (5 Servings)
- Beef Stew (5 Servings)
- Granola with Blueberries (4 Servings)

Each meal comes in a sealed foil package, you just need to add water.  The cost of each bucket is $ 76.00, or about $2.60 per meal, reasonable.

Most foods in out pantry need to be rotated. How often do you go to your pantry only to discover some products way past the expiration date?

If you take this route, determine what you need for your family and order accordingly.

I have tried these meals and can confirm they are good to eat, and easy to prepare. This bucket will help any family get buy for a few days during an emergency.

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