Tuesday, September 29, 2020


The death notification seminar, explores several aspects of what it means to make a compassionate, effective death notification. In addition to exploring who should be a notifier, issues of stress are discussed. Critical Incident Stress and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as it relates to those who make the notification are covered in the material. There are also Crisis Intervention Communication exercises, what to say and do and what NOT to say and do when making death notifications. A number of death notification scenarios are presented and discussed.

This training uses a number of video clips, group exercises, role play, and discussion as a part of the training.


Greg Young has over 20 years of ministry and pastoral experience. He is a trained pastoral psychotherapist and has done extensive training in Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM). He also functions as chaplain and critical incident stress debriefing expert in his local area. Greg is on call with The Salvation Army's crisis intervention team for regional and national disaster zones and is the Field Director for Christian Emergency Network which rallies churches to Be Ready themselves and to minister locally within any crisis
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