Saturday, August 08, 2020

Church Safety and Security by Jeff Hanna

Many churches are simply not prepared to respond to emergencies.

As a result, many lives and ministries are affected negatively when the unexpected happens.

Whether internal, local, or national emergencies occur, churches that are prepared to respond quickly and effectively are in a much better - and more faithful - response mode.

Ministry continues to thrive, lives are saved, people are helped, and God is glorified.

Churches that are ill-prepared can easily become part of the problem.

This summer, CCN invites you to prepare your leadership team to be ready to respond both compassionately and effectively to emergency situations by joining Jeff Hanna for the program: Church Safety and Security Emergency Training.

Times of crisis can be powerful opportunities for churches to minister to their own flock and others within the community.

"This foundational seminar will help the church leaders begin the process by focusing on those issues that could impact their local congregation. Only once they put the plan and personnel in place to address internal emergencies will they be in a position to minister to broader concerns," says Jeff Hanna.

This seminar will help your church leadership:

* Recognize the direct, internal threats to your ministries that could negatively impact the well-being of the people, property and resources God has entrusted to your care.
* Gain the understanding and tools necessary to prevent or reduce the possibility of an emergency.
* Develop the most effective response plan should an event occur.

Join CCN for this important training and prepare your church to be ready to serve when the need is the greatest.

Jeff Hanna is the Founder and President of Ministry Continuity Solutions (, an organization dedicated to keeping ministries safe, secure and moving forward.

A former undercover detective, as well as an ordained pastor for 15 years, Jeff has worked for many organizations including GuideOne Insurance Center for Risk Management and the Christian Emergency Network. He is the most active and published church risk manager in the country today and his books include Church Safety and Security: An Easy-to-Use Risk Management Guide, Safe and Secure: The Alban Guide to Protecting Your Congregation and Safeguard Solutions Volume 1 & 2.
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