Tuesday, September 29, 2020

CEN Coaches/Trainers

CEN offers a wide variety of experienced training and coaching in strategic areas of a Church's ministry. CEN coaches understand clearly the objectives for ReadyChurches, and supply supplemental training that may be harder to find locally. These national experts bring a wealth of knowledge and perspective to the ReadyChurch. Occasionally CEN will sponsor secular trainers in areas where it is beneficial to the ReadyChurch. In this case, the fact that they are secular will be clearly identified. ReadyChurch leadership has the ability to supplement these secular trainings and adapt them to a Christian doctrinal setting. There are trainings, for example, for houses of worship that are faith-based but not Christian in focus. Much may be learned from these trainings provided that the spiritual aspects are adjusted to fit the ReadyChurch. Many CEN coaches and trainers will offer ongoing personal responses to your questions though CEN online network systems.
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