Saturday, June 06, 2020

Center for Christian Counseling and Therapy

Young Adults: Improve your relationship patterns and impact your future!

Families: Develop close relationships with your spouse and kids NOW!

Older Adults and Caregivers: One of the most common problems among older adults is depression. We care very much about the geriatric population. Let us know how we can help and receive free advice on dealing with depression and other mental health disorders.

You will feel safe and respected working with us regardless of your beliefs. Many people want to build their relationship with God and we know that your spiritual develpment and finding meaning in life is an essential part of your personal growth. At Center for Christian Therapy we also offer a safe place to discuss your beliefs and values. We will encourage you to talk about your own relationship with God. We are all trained and committed to encourage people in that personal relationship and will support you in your own stage of life.
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