Friday, February 21, 2020

Restoration Ministries

Restoration Schools started as Director Ed Glaspey saw that the local church was not walking a victorious life in Christ. Ed could see people were saved but had not been healed of the hurts of their past. God then started dealing with the hurts in Ed's past, and showing him how much was his own sin nature and how much was Satan's schemes working in his life to keep him in bondage. God began to show Ed that he had received some very wrong foundations in his childhood from parents, teachers and others. He learned how Satan had taken those wrong foundations and was using them to keep Ed from living a victorious life in Christ.

As God began to restore Ed's life he began counseling with others to help them walk in the freedom that Christ gives us. He soon discovered he was sharing the same truths with everyone he counseled. In 1987, after several years of prayer, spiritual warfare, and personal restoration, God began leading Ed to start a school to teach God's foundational principals and expose Satan's schemes in the individual lives of people attending.
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530 W. 7th, Junction City, OR, USA, 97448