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Christian Clinic for Counseling

3508 N. W. 50th Street, Oklahoma City, 73112, OK, USA
Christian Clinic for Counseling, located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, was founded in 1982. As a clinic,we are currently in our 26th year, the last 25 years in our own building and in the same location. Psychologist, Dr. J. Ronald Cruse, saw the need for a private Christian counseling service, unconnected to any church building or religious denomination, to deal with people's mental health problems. Believing that mature state-licensed Christian counselors are essential for dealing with significant mental health concerns, Dr. Cruse was also committed to the truth that God delivers practical help for people's life problems through His written Word, The Bible. Scripture forms the ultimate foundation for wise counsel. We value the Bible today even more than at our beginning. We value the Bible enough to continue to study it, teach it, and use it in counseling. While we value the Bible and its wise counsel, we also value professional knowledge. Counselors add practical information and techniques and join with God in His work. Our state-licensed Christian counselors value professional knowledge to the extent that they take multiple continuing education couses each year in order to keep their professional knowledge current. Non-Christian counselors cannot say, "We value the Bible." Likewise, those who are not state-licensed Christian counselors cannot make the strong statement, "We value professional knowledge," or they would gain enough education and professional knowledge to be examined for licensure. "Let the buyer beware." There are many professionally unqualified and biblically unqualified counselors who are marketing their services.
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