Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Apostolic Christian Counseling and Family Services

Apostolic Christian Counseling and Family Services (ACCFS) is a ministry of the Apostolic Christian Church of America. Our staff is comprised of professional counselors who provide information, support, consultation, and/or professional counseling to address issues such as depression, anxiety, adjustment difficulties, marital problems, and child behavior problems.

Our goal is to alleviate suffering and promote Christian maturity so that people can grow in their likeness to Christ, experience a deeper relationship with God, and enter into a more effective life of service to others.

We believe in the authority of God's Word and recognize the importance of emphasizing grace while not minimizing sin.

Our services will support local church leadership and local church membership.

We believe in the diversity of gifts within the Body of Christ and will use spiritual and clinical counsel to offer healing and hope to hurting individuals.

In order to promote Godly, healthy living and to minimize needless suffering, our services will emphasize prevention, early intervention, education, and enrichment.

We recognize that people are complex spiritual, biological, psychological, and social beings and will seek to promote their well being in these areas using the gifts of counseling and teaching.
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