Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Christian Families Today

Growing up without a father is very painful. I know because I have suffered and still suffer to some degree the confusion of growing up without a dad. My father died when I was seven years old.

It is also very difficult for single parents to raise children. I know of some of the struggles and heartaches a single parent endures by watching what my mom went through. When Dad died, Mom was left to raise eight children ages twelve and under.

Mom was a single parent who held a full time job, and raised her children to be respectful and responsible. And raise them she did, as she says, "by God's grace." Now Mom, in addition to her seven living children, has six wonderful daughter-in-laws, one great son-in-law, twenty grandchildren, and over fifty great grandchildren with more on the way. She is admired and honored by all.

Out of these family roots God has called Christian Families Today into existence. God has given us a passion to biblically coach, mentor, counsel and train others in His grace so that they may experience an intimate relationship with Him and loving relationships with others.
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