Monday, July 06, 2020

Connecticut Emergency Management Association

In 2004 a group of Emergency Management Directors from local municipalities throughout Connecticut met to discuss their concerns with the state of emergency response capability in Connecticut. Their discussions led to the formation of the Connecticut Emergency Management Association (CEMA). Since those early meetings, CEMA continues to grow and our members are hard at work protecting approximately 2 million Connecticut citizens.

CEMA's mission is to provide a forum for the emergency management community to foster cooperation, encourage communication, coordination, collaboration and program enhancement.
To provide a network whereby its members may communicate with local, regional, state, and national emergency management organizations.
To provide an environment for the coordination and collaboration among emergency management agencies in the development of mitigation, preparation, response, and recovery strategies.
To represent the membership in matters pertaining to public policies on issues relating to emergency management.
To develop a system of informing and/or providing the membership with professional development opportunities.
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