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Marble Retreat

181 Bannockburn, Marble, 81623, CO, USA
Welcome to Marble Retreat Christian Counseling, a secluded Colorado lodge where scores of Christians have found a new day dawning in their hearts and spirits. Since 1974, this peaceful refuge in the Rockies has been set aside for solace, healing and gentle restoration.

Marble Retreat is an interdenominational Christian counseling provider serving both Christian ministers and all Believers who are burdened and troubled. We offer a blend of spiritual and emotional approaches to touch the whole person. Our mission: Helping to bring healing, hope and restoration to those in vocational Christian ministry and the Church at large through Christ-centered brief intensive counseling.

Marble Retreat Christian Counseling exists to bring healing and restore hope through Christ-centered brief intensive counseling for marriage issues, ministry problems, spiritual problems, grief & loss, stress, depression, anxiety and any other of life's challenges.
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