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Heart of God Counseling Center

9085 East Mineral Circle, Suite 170, Englewood, 80112, CO, USA
Come ... Heart of God Counseling Center is first of all a sanctuary.
Leave the noise and chaos behind. Here you are welcomed and received. Here you are listened to and engaged with. Here you are safe. Here you are accepted. Come.
Explore ... Heart of God Counseling Center is a place to think through your journey
Discover the depth of your own heart--your desires, your fears, your hopes, your disappointments. Discover you. Walk and talk on the road together, observe and ponder together, laugh and cry together. Explore your own story in new ways and discover God's unfolding story for you.

Be Transformed ... Heart of God Counseling Center is a place of renewed vision.
As you see things differently, you will be changed. You will find yourself discarding old ways and choosing new directions. It takes courage. It may be uncomfortable, even painful. But it will result in a deeper, more vital relationship with the Father as you come to truly see His heart for you. it will also result in a fuller, more genuine, love for other as you offer them more of your true heart.

You are not alone. There is healing for you in the heart of the Father.

Come. Explore. Be Tranformed ...
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