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On Sunday, July 27, 2008, a gunman walked into a church in Knoxville, Tennessee, during the performance of a children's musical. He proceeded to shoot eight people, killing two, before he was overpowered by congregation members and subdued until police ar ...

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Instead of various groups spending time dealing with each of the key risk management issues individually over an extended period of time, the most effective way to begin and maintain a safety/security/risk management program in your church setting is to l ...

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According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the H1N1 flu virus is a novel virus that was first detected in the United States in April 2009. It was originally called swine flu because many of the genes in the new virus were similar to those that no ...

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The Christian Counseling Center brings a faith-based ministry founded on the belief of God's grace and compassion at work in the lives of individuals. The staff of the Christian Counseling Center is dedicated to developing quality relationships with indiv ...


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Iowa Workforce Development contributes to the economic security of Iowa'¢s workers, businesses and communities through a comprehensive statewide system of employment services, education and regulation of health, safety and employment laws.


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The Iowa Christian Alliance a non-profit organization that seeks to make a difference in the public arena regarding the issues that matter most. We stand for integrity in government, high moral values, constitutional authority, and Christian principles. O ...