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When Mount St. Helens erupted on May 18, 1980, 20-year old Michael Lienau was the first cinematographer to photograph the devastation around the mountain from the ground, risking his life to gather the images the world was waiting for. Caught in the second largest eruption, the camera crew barely escaped with their lives.

Michael's dramatic footage was seen worldwide, and his unforgettable experience on the mountain fueled a life-long desire to communicate his story and those of other eyewitnesses in a dramatic television special titled, "THE FIRE BELOW US: Remembering Mount St. Helens." A seven time award winner, "THE FIRE BELOW US," aired several times in the U.S. on National Geographic Explorer, and internationally on various networks.

Due to his experience and knowledge with this subject, Michael has become an invaluable resource on Mount St. Helens and other volcanoes, earthquakes, and natural disasters, and has contributed to segments on major television networks.

Michael also co-produced a CBS Movie-of-the-Week "Not Our Son, based on his multiple award winning documentary "Portrait of a Serial Arsonist" about America's most prolific serial arsonist. This dramatic and compelling film told the heart-breakingly true-life story of a man who discovered his own son was committing dozens of arsons, and then had to decide whether to turn him in to authorities.

Other documentaries by Michael include a two-part series on racial reconciliation titled "Healing America's Wounds;" "Return of the Raven," (PBS) profiling the only Native American to take a stand against the US Government and win; "Tell the World about Us," an untold story of the fate of some of the US MIA-POWS in Vietnam and their families; "Mexico City: The Alarming Giant," a documentary report on the unique challenges this city faces.

For over 25 years Michael has produced and directed award-winning documentaries, worked in syndicated television, features, commercials, and news. His work has been seen on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Good Morning America, The Today Show, National Geographic Explorer, Dateline NBC, NHK, BBC, EOTV, and many others.
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