Sunday, September 20, 2020

Evangelical Survival

Many people committed to being prepared for disasters are isolationist. They want to be prepared to take care of themselves and their families and their only concern is being able to defend themselves from the "Golden Hoard" - a euphemistic term denoting the tired, hungry and scared masses that cannot cope with a dramatic shift in status quo. Maintaining security, especially against a violent mob, is vitally important but so is fulfilling the Great Commission. We believe you can do both. We call it Evangelistic Survival.

There is no time like the desperation after your world has fallen apart to make people see their need for God; however, you will be at a disadvantage to evangelize to others if you are barely surviving yourself. EVANGELISTIC SURVIVAL is committed to training your mind to adapt to austere and ambiguous environments. We are not doomsday fanatics. History and the Bible are our guide - disasters have happened in the past and will continue to occur until Jesus returns. So whether it's a 'fire sale', a minor earthquake or just an erratic driver in front of you on the highway, the steps and resources laid out here will help you overcome the chaos, maintain civility and point others to God throughout it all.

If you haven't viewed the free JUST IN CASE survival video tutorials, visit:
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