Monday, August 03, 2020

Simpler Life Emergency Provisions

Simpler Life has a 27 year Heritage of:

• Proven products in the midst of disasters...
including World Trade Center Evacuation Kits..

• Quality, Quality, Quality - Products, packaging, and

• Custom Kit Capability - Direct from our warehouse.

• Wise Counsel - over 60 years of staff expertise.

• Freshness

All of our kits are made from scratch to ensure maximum freshness. If you desire quick fulfillment of orders, we will pre-make your kits ahead and ship the same day requested.

• Full Disclosure

• You'll know your exact kit contents before you buy.

• You will meet the truth - Here's a company who is not afraid to tell you the strengths & weaknesses of each product.

• Innovative Kits & Life Saving products. Many competitors
continue to follow Simpler Life's product line.

• A great heart to serve!

• Integrity & Respect- thru out the Disaster Preparedness &
Response Community

• A proven history of thousands of "more than satisfied
"customers. Why? Because we've consistently met
or exceeded their specifications & expectations.
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