Friday, September 25, 2020

Pikes Peak Survival Supplies

Emergency Preparedness You Can Live With

Having come through the devastating fire that burned a large swath of homes in Colorado Springs, we know what being prepared for a disaster means. Some of the people evacuated from the fire's path had only minutes to flee. Evacuation routes quickly became clogged with cars filled with frightened folks just trying to avoid destruction. Thank God only 2 people did not make it in time.

Pikes Peak Survival Supplies is an online store that offers a full assortment of emergency kits, bug out bags (both pre-stocked and empty), long term and emergency food supplies, water purification and filtration systems and much more.

Don't wait for the next fire, hurricane, snow storm, tornado or power outage to motivate you to prepare to survive on your own for a time. Plan and Prepare now.
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