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Property Inventory “Memory Jogger”

This unique free tool is an invaluable companion to The Red Guide to Recovery eBook.

Our itemized Personal Property Inventory Template helps you remember!

Personal Property Inventory

Get started quickly with over 6,000 items pre-populated in this comprehensive “Memory Jogger”!

Our template helps you prepare an accurate list of items lost & their value for your insurance carrier.

Determine a total value of all items lost to help you for tax purposes, even if you exceed insurance values.

Edit items from our template to create your own Personal Property Inventory
The Red Guide eBook provides details on how to get the maximum benefit from the “Memory Jogger”, as well as vital details on navigating the many facets of the insurance claim process.

Use the Personal Property “Memory Jogger” as Disaster Preparedness Tool

The Memory Jogger can be used to compile an inventory of personal property prior to a disaster and establish a replacement value. This helps families determine the amount of insurance coverage needed to replace items in the event of a loss.
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