Friday, December 13, 2019


Fact: Accidents happen!

When they do, each and every second counts. And being prepared makes all the difference!

In Case of an Emergency (ICE), if Emergency Medical Technicians (EMT's) and Paramedics can access all relevant health information about the victim, including allergies and medications, then they can provide the best possible treatment. When each and every second counts, lack of this information could prevent them from providing best possible care, which could make a big impact on victim's life beyond that point!

In Case of Emergency (ICE) Care:

ICEcare is an emergency preparedness solution that provides your specified health data when needed.

* A Mobile Solution

Today, people carry their mobile phone on them at all times. ICEcare software that is compatible with your mobile phone provides simplified access to your critical health data and contact details. Your data resides on your mobile phone and is available regardless of network coverage.

* A Paper Supplement

In addition, an ICEcare card for your wallet provides quick access to all relevant health information, in case your mobile phone becomes inoperable due to severe impact caused by the emergency.

ICEcare software is supported on various mobile platforms to provide better usability experience for all users.
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