Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Family Information Readiness Manager (FIRM)

FIRM assists families of all ages and sizes to plan, to prepare and to recover from emergencies without being intimidated. FIRM has been designed to be pro active, inter active and cost effective in helping families with emergency planning.

FIRM guides one through emergency contact information, re-union locations outside the home, 72 hour emergency kit, medical information on all your family members including pets, insurance/financial information, legal contacts, etc. And yes, the need to get a Will especially, a living Will. FIRM is a great organizer for the busy family and for the family who wants to stay ahead. Household inventories are available at a push of a button, as well as cherished pictures. Special instructions for the baby sitter are detailed so that there is no confusion as to what is expected and how to deal with unforeseen situations. FIRM arranges in a logical manner that information which is pertinent (such as, immunizations, notes from meetings with day care personnel, detailed passport information, identity fraud prevention, etc) to the protection and harmonious functioning of their family. FIRM reduces one's level of anxiety in dealing with emergency situations as well as improves a family's quality of life. Visit our website at http://www.esafetyca.com

Our company is an approved vendor to FEMA.

Please contact the vendor directly for pricing. Group discounts are avialable as well as samples to certain groups.
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